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They Have Bigger Fish to Fry–Why Basic Student Needs Are Ignored

Today I was talking to a tutor about why a particular student was making a gross error in her subtraction of numbers. Apparently when the student was borrowing numbers, she was adding 10 to the number instead of 1. It was an easy fix, but how did she get to 6th grade making such an … Continue reading

Welcome to The Eclectic Reading Teacher!!

Welcome teachers, parents, students, researchers, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about dyslexia. As a primary provider, I offer a unique perspective of what people struggling with dyslexia need academically.

I am the owner of Reading Innovations Center, LLC, a local company that provides one-on-one tutoring for struggling readers, nonreaders, and dyslexic learners. I also provide homework clubs for students who need structure and guidance to complete their homework and I also provide enrichment programs for curious, gifted & advanced learners. In addition, I want to keep people informed about the latest research out there to help those coping with dyslexia and gifted education.

If you want to to talk to me personally, please call me at
814-833-0074 or email me at AnnG@read-innovate-center.com

Happy Reading!
Ann M. Gavazzi

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